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July 8, 2022 by abc

Nature, Leisure and Health:

Spring is coming to Cyprus with a blanket of brilliant green stretching as far as the eye can see and pungent flowerbeds of first wild flowers and almond trees in full bloom

– there is really no better time of the year to awaken the explorer in You. So much to do, so much to see …

Plan a country stay over the weekend in traditional houses or renovated mansions


Apokryfo traditional houses in Lofou, styled with attention to the detail, a real boutique experience: Made of a cluster of old stone houses, the romance seeker might be happy in a cozy room with a roaring fireplace while the lazy one will find it relaxing In his own courtyard , reading a book and soaking the sun in … something for every taste

Casale panayotis– a village turned hotel where tradition and modernity live side by side in Kalopanayotis Hearty meals and a wonderful views or a coffe on the sunny coffe shop terrace, or a visit to the Spa, might be just what you are looking for.                Don’t forget to visit the monastery of Saint John Lampadistaa byzantine jewel with world famous frescoes dating back to the picture quarrels in then 9thcentury ( scratched out eyes)

Ayii Anargyri, a Natural Healing  Spa Resort, pampering treatments and a whole lot of wilderness are awaiting you … recharge your batteries and take the splendour in.

Plan  your fitness


 Cycling – with the wind in your hair  adventure thru the country lanes and various cycling routes that are mapped out throughout thermal terrain by the CTO.

Walking: marvellous hiking trails for every fitness level,  from demanding (from Psilo Dendro up to the Kaledonia Falls and back down to treat yourself to a delicious fresh trout at the restaurant( approx. 4 hrs) to leisurely  from Platres old road up to Trodoss through a forest road and back on the Platres road to your car (approx 2 hrs) more if you have a replenishing rest in Trodoss

Something Cultural maybe  ?

It is the best time to visit historic sites. From early neolithic settlements to Crusader castles – an abundance of sites are scattered all over the island.

For cloudy rainy days how about a visit to the Limassol Public Gallery. Giving you a deep insight in  creativity that this country boosts, it presents one of the largest and richest art collections of Cypriot Modern Art and includes significant works of pieces concerning the history of art in Cyprus, such as Adamantios Korais, Takis Fragoudes, Vasilis Vrionides, Nikos Nikolaides, John Corpige, Andrea Ladommatos and others.

The Public Gallery building itself is a master sample of  Art Deco  and was donated to the Limassol Municipality by the consular L. Zinonos (family Pavlides). Built around 1938 by the German – Jewish architect Ginsburg, it was inaugurated on the 26th June 1988 by the mayor Antonis D. Hadgipavlou.

Address28th Oktovriou street ( beach road, across Molos)



New Culinary arrivals in Limassol:


NewSumo Sushi & Bento: A modern restaurant in the heart of Limassol featuring delightful Asian flavors! located on Makarios Avenue, it allows visitors to combine a stroll among the well-known city shops with a nutritious and enjoyable meal, both at midday and in the evening.

GIRAFFE: The new all-day hangout in Limassol sets the mood with its beautiful spaces! Next to “Thesis” this Coffee Bar aimes to fulfil by creating a relaxing escape for the entire day.Aside from selected coffees and delicious cocktails, its menu also offers tasty snacks ranging from bagels and croissants to salads and healthy options for all hours of the day.

Souvenir: Constantina created a hangout that awakens the memory in Limassol!A hangout was set up aiming to awaken beautiful memories in their guests’ minds, through its music, decoration, but also its friendly hospitality. Evocative and airy, to bring friends together to beloved music hits, refreshing drinks and bites. Live music nights, but also nights where the list of songs is created by the guests, complete the beautiful atmosphere in Souvenir.

Or rather a fancy evening out at La Caleta at the ICON, one of Cyprus’s most recognisable high-rise buildings: Fine dining with a view. An excellent cuisine paired with selected beverages  play along in unison to experience a Mediterranean Fusion concept that will make for an outstanding and memorable evening. The tranquillity and seclusion of a hidden cove, away from the crowds and noise, provide a laid back style dining experience, feeling cosy and simple, yet elegant. A breathtaking view over the sea and the whole city will make up for the rather above average prices .

Give your home a spring touch :

Introduce THE 2022 “Very Peri” into the colour palette of your home with unique colour combinations. This one-of-a-kind shade pairs wonderfully with white, pink, beige, green. Also, it offers great value when paired with orange and yellow.

And what is Very Peri???

A unique shade of purple that encourages creativity and imagination and is a fusion of a dynamic peri (winkle) blue and a vivid violet-red undertone. The faithful and reliable blue blends with the vibrancy of red to create an energising new hue . Simply set accents with a chair , cushions or one wall…. try it, you will be amazed …